Q&A's with Our Founders Julie and Lana5

lana5 and julie

1. What is your background?

Animals surrounded my childhood, and in my 20s, I worked for a cutting horse trainer, eventually leading me to train animals for movies and television (read more here). 

2. Why animal training? 

It was always going to be something with animals. All of my favorite memories are with animals. Even my first word was "pony". 

julie riding a horse

3. Who was your favorite celebrity you ever worked with? 

Halle Berry (read more about that here)

4. Who was Lana5's favorite celebrity?

Channing Tatum

lana5 looking at channing tatum

5. What is Lana5's dream job?

Making a cameo on Outer Banks

6. What is Lana5's favorite behavior so far?

Tearing up the Bronco seat in Dog. It's hard to see in the movie, but when we were filming, she was tugging and tearing up the truck while Channing approached and said firmly, "No!" Lana5 paused, looked at him, then returned to work, wrecking it with gusto.

lana5 training for the movie dog

7. Tell us more about Lana5?

She's a 52lb Belgian Malinois with significant energy. A social butterfly who loves the beach and playing ball but dislikes fleas and fireworks. Check out her IMDb page here!

lana5 around the world

8. Where is the prettiest place you've ever worked?

Orvieto, Italy

9. Where is the weirdest place you've ever worked?

Jakarta, Indonesia

10. Why dog beds?

On average, dogs spend 13 hours a day sleeping. Like us, they need to sleep well to wake up ready to tackle their day. I wanted to produce supportive, durable products locally that are stylish and easy to clean.

11. When will you expand?

We have a couple of new product lines in active development.

12. How did you choose the name Anchor Pet Supply?

Anchor was an easy choice because I love all things nautical, and it also means "a central source of stability", and we always want our pets to feel safe and secure.

lana5 on an anchor pet supply bed

13. What is your favorite dog command?

Currently, "leave it". We encounter a surprising amount of chicken bones while walking around downtown Charleston.

14. What is your least favorite trick you've had to train any animal to do?

I once trained a Jack Russel to butt scoot 5' across the floor of a staged dingy Paris hotel room for a credit card commercial. 

15. Who is Lana5's best friend?

A sheepadoodle named Maggie is her best friend and the first friend she made in Charleston.

lana5 and her best friend maggie