Our pets are family. They deserve the world for all of the memories, laughs and adventures they create in ours. At Anchor Pet Supply we are driven by a love of dogs, beauty and functionality. We embrace the details and carefully craft our beds and accessories by hand to be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Pet products a lifetime in the making


With a background in the sport of cutting horses, our founder, Julie Strang, moved from Washington to Los Angeles to begin a long career of training animals for studio work. Over the years she has worked with many breeds and sizes of dogs worldwide from Italy to Indonesia to Argentina.

Pet products a lifetime in the making


Sitting at a cafe in Nantucket, Julie used her napkin to sketch out the earliest version of what would eventually become the Anchor Pet Supply logo. The dog on the sailboat is in memory of Super Bubba, her favorite rescued Husky and the first dog she trained for the industry.

Pet products a lifetime in the making


Julie was introduced to an untrained, slightly wild Lana5—her new Belgian Malinois to train and work with on set for the movie "Dog". Mid-job, the pandemic shut down Hollywood, so Lana5 came home to Charleston. Three months and countless walks later, business resumed. When the feature wrapped, Julie simply couldn’t say goodbye to Lana5.

Pet products a lifetime in the making


Now officially a team, Julie and Lana5 spent seven months between Germany and France working on “John Wick: Chapter 4.” Together, they sat outside numerous cafes and restaurants. Roaming around Paris was where the idea for the Vagabond Café Mat started to come to life.

Pet products a lifetime in the making


After many years of working, traveling, and living with dogs, Julie had a clear idea of what she wanted to create. After a year and a half of product development and testing, our first collection launched.

"I've been on many, varied paths in my life but when i think back, animals were always a constant."

- Julie Strang, Founder

Meet Lana5

Born in the Netherlands, Lana5 moved to the States to pursue acting when she was 18 months old and never looked back. Always up for an adventure, she approaches life with a devil-may-care attitude. Kindhearted with a hint of rebellion, she has boundless energy and steals like a packrat.  

When she’s not filming, Lana5 loves to play ball and swim at the beach near her home in Charleston, S.C.